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One of the biggest pipe and tobacco dealers in the US.

Smokingpipes Europe for us guys across the big pond.

Al Pascia

The best known high-grade pipe dealer from Italy.


One of the best known high-grade dealer in business. From classics to contemporary pipes, everything can be found here.

Blue Room Briars

USA based pipe dealer with a wide range of new artisan and estate pipes.

The Country Squire

Not only known from the podcast, but also known for a selection of fine pipes and tobaccos.

Pfeifen Shop Online

A German site for freehand and factory pipes and a wide range of fine tobaccos.


A german delaer for high grade and factory pipes. They offer a wide range of pipe tobaccos and cigars as well.


Probably one of the most beautiful shops in Europe. You can expect a lot of history and knowledge here. No online shop yet though.

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