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Design & Craftmanship


I earned my M.A. degree after five years of studying product design at the University of Hannover. My pipe designs are strongly influenced by masters like the Ivarssons, J. Alan Pipes and Cornelius Maenz. But I’m also drawn to makers who think outside the box, like Christian Wolfensteiner, to find new ways to design beautiful creations made for smoking. 


I would describe my own style as simple, clear and uncomplicated — with a little whimsy. My focus is on fluid and elegant lines. A high-gloss finish, good airflow and thin mouthpieces are important for me in making unique pieces that are a pleasure to see, hold and smoke. 


Before studying design, I passed a three-year apprenticeship as a carpenter. I have a strong passion for high product quality, from the shape and design to the tiniest detail. Of course, only the highest quality materials are used for Heinemann pipes: Aged plateau briar wood from Italy, Spain or Greece. Stems are 100 percent handmade from highest grade German ebonite. Applications and inlays made of beautiful woods, bones or horn.

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